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US history, honesty, pride and courage

I’ve had a few inquiries about CRT. Honestly, we as a family have not had any experience with CRT in this school district or any other. There are some in our community who are repeating talking points of political pundits. Unfortunately, such political pundits are more interested in creating red herrings to motivate their base than having honest discussions about important issues that impact our kids and communities. In this video, I discuss the importance of community involvement and some examples of the issues that I think are important to our shared history.

Our children need to learn from the past and know how to engage both civically and civilly in their present and future. To that end, I’ve been learning more about Educating for American Democracy. It is a set of guidelines endorsed by six former Secretaries of Education (three Republicans and three Democrats): Lamar Alexander, Arne Duncan, John King, Rod Paige, Richard Riley, and Margaret Spellings. I think it looks promising, at least as a place to start a civil conversation about civics and history.

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