Being a good steward

I am the Policy Director for the Oregon Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division. Oregon’s property tax rates are tightly controlled by Measure 5, Measure 50, and voters. In my career as a public servant, a big part of my job is to scrutinize the details to ensure Oregon’s property tax statutes and rules do what Oregon voters intend them to do, not more, not less. In any case, neither a school board nor the State of Oregon can raise property taxes without a vote of the people. 

As your neighbor and a fellow taxpayer, I know I can add a distinct and vital perspective to the school board. While my professional career will have no bearing, conflict or influence in my role as a member of the WLWV school board, I will use my skills to ensure our school district is accountable for being a good steward of our investment in our kids. No one likes paying taxes. Let’s work together to be sure we’re getting value for our money.

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