Shiratori is the right choice for school board

Wilsonville Spokesman, April 14, 2021

As a candidate for West Linn-Wilsonville school board position 5, Seiji Shiratori brings numerous personal and professional strengths. I have had the pleasure of knowing Seiji’s family for a couple of years through our synagogue. I have enjoyed getting to know him since he returned from his government service overseas and as he seeks a leadership position in our community. With two boys in the district’s schools and as a Wilsonville homeowner, Seiji has “skin in the game” with respect to the product the district provides its families and community.Seiji brings a great educational background to his candidacy: an undergraduate degree from Willamette University and a Master’s Degree in international political economy from American University. His twenty-plus-year career for the foreign service has taken him all over the nation and world serving ambassadors and high-ranking military officers. His multicultural personal background and his unique lived experience make him the kind of person we need in district leadership as the student population grows and diversifies. He also brings professional budgeting skills that will help ensure that bond money on the district’s capital projects is well-spent.Please join me in supporting Seiji Shiratori for position 5 on the WLWV school board.

Paul Diller – Wilsonville

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