Should a PERS employee be on the school board?

I am a PERS employee along with many others in our community. According to the State of Oregon’s PERS-by-the-numbers, PERS employees include those who work or retired from one of our state agencies, public universities, community colleges, all school districts, and almost all cities, counties and local governments. This includes fire departments; state, county and local police, and teachers to name a few.

There are those advocating for PERS employees to not be involved on the school board. I find it exceptionally disturbing that anyone would seek to disenfranchise 9% of our state’s population.

Let’s be clear, the school board has no say in my compensation or retirement package. There is nothing the board can or cannot do to impact that. Regardless, I find it disturbing that anyone would advocate for disenfranchising a significant portion of our community simply because they serve our local communities, our counties, or our state in a professional capacity.

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