Thank you!

It looks like we lost by 28 votes. It was so very close.

Thank you to my wife Alisa, and our two sons, for bearing the weight of the campaign with me.

Congratulations to the new West Linn-Wilsonville School Board members.

Thank you! Thank you neighbors, family, friends, and all of the new friends we met along the way. Your collective labor, wisdom, donations, time commitment, energy, and support have been incredible. I am so grateful to each of you. This was your campaign. You made this happen.

We fought for teaching science, sex education, and history with integrity. We worked to ensure “diversity and inclusion” is more than just an empty slogan. We insisted that our elected officials represent and equally consider all of our community members. We engaged civically and civilly with our neighbors through our trusted electoral system that allows all of our voices to be heard.

I am also grateful to those who share my belief in our institutions and systems, even when things don’t go our way. We are fortunate to have a trustworthy electoral system, including the ability to vote by mail.

Thank you again. Though we lost the vote, it is clear that many in our community share our values. As a member of this community, I look forward to working together toward our shared goals of great schools and great hometowns for all of us.


Seiji Shiratori

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