Preserve Quality Education. As a Scout leader and parent of two boys in our schools, I’m grateful for and committed to preserving the high-quality education in our District.

Proven Leadership, Management, Finance Skills. With over 28 years of experience in public policy, finance and administration; diplomacy; advocacy; and management, I have the professional background to ensure quality outcomes for our schools and our community.

Investing in Our Kids is an Investment in Our Community. The investment we make in our students is an investment in our local economy. Ensuring that all students have an equitable opportunity to achieve will assure that we all thrive and grow. Good school districts attract employers and talent, which in turn helps us fund community services that help all of our community members.

I’ll listen to all your views and make decisions based on common sense derived from our shared conversation, and science.

Transparency, Accountability. You have been generous in your support of our schools. Transparency and accountability are vital, and my expertise in public policy and finance will help ensure your investment in education is protected and maximized.

Communication, Collaboration. There is no communication without listening. Leadership is more than just coming up with great ideas. It’s also helping others bring their ideas to fruition and giving them a say in your great ideas. I am committed to listening and working with you, the District, and the Board, to ensure that schools reopen as quickly and safely as possible. 

West Linn-Wilsonville is America. We are a multiethnic, multi-faith nation and community and those who represent us should reflect that fact. Our family is just one of many families in our community that represents that diversity. Regardless of ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity, we all deserve to be equally considered members of our community! Inclusivity and diversity are not just catch phrases. I look forward to not just being a voice at the table, but empowering other diverse voices to be heard and considered.